Aug 07 2018

Welcome back to our exhilarating coverage of the confirmation of James Alley as the new drummer in Red Light Romeo!

Before we begin, we must apologize that we had to close our toll-free Red Light hotline. Each time it rang, an angry man kept chanting “Lock her up!” over and over again. Sir, if you are seeing this, I believe you have the wrong number.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: A Look Into the Mind of James Alley!

Interview Guy: After seeing the band from a fan perspective for years, how does it feel to be the drummer for Red Light Romeo?

James Alley: Feels exciting….. I met my wife at an RLR show….. Now I get to perform with them?….. That’s awesome!

IG: What is your favorite RLR song to play?

JA: Favorite song currently is In the Air Tonight…Always been a fan of Phil Collins, especially his session work, so to rock an iconic song like that is very cool!

IG: Time for the speed round.

Favorite item from the grill?
JA: I’ll have a NY Strip please

IG: Alcoholic drink of choice?
JA: With a Bold Rock

IG: Boxers or briefs?
JA: Boxer briefs

IG: How do you feel about chips and queso?
JA: Who doesn’t love chips and queso? Just give me a little salsa with it as well

IG: How about a couple of fun facts for our home audience?
JA: Did you know I’m a caps fan? C. A. P. S……. Caps! Caps! Caps!

Also….i can make this weird evil face apparently without even trying…

IG: We look forward to seeing that weird evil face on stage when you join Red Light Romeo at Harbor Blast on Saturday September 8th.

James, before you go, would you like to comment on the photo your wife, Carmen, submitted to go alongside this interview?

JA: What photo?!?!?!?

IG: Nevermind. It’s not important. Have an awesome day!

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