Aug 06 2018

Red Light Romeo was given a HUGE task in finding a replacement for drummer Wiley Long.

Some would call it impossible. Some would call it a fool’s errand. Some would call it a banana pancake, but we are pretty sure those people have a traumatic brain injury and shouldn’t be allowed to voice an opinion.

But we found him! We found the missing piece of our shenanigan-fueled puzzle!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in welcoming into Red Light Romeo our new drummer and very good friend, Mr. James Alley!

Now, we are sure that lots of you are thinking “Why does that name sound so familiar?” That’s probably because in 2017, James rocked hard alongside our very own Dave Dstroyer Dixon in the local supergroup At Day’s End.

James will make his RLR debut at Harbor BLAST with Red Light Romeo, Cracker Jackson, & CrushCrush on Saturday September 8th!

Later today, to help everybody get better acquainted, we will be sharing an interview with James. In the meantime, help us welcome James into the RLR family by showing some love in the comments section below!

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